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Vaccinations to keep your pet protected from the most contagious diseases commonly found in South Australia. Every pet receives a full health check prior to vaccination.

General health checks

General health checks ensure you that your pet requires special attention to concerning areas, or inform you that he or she is in perfect health condition.

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Integrative Medicine

Integrative Medicine Our team has broaden the understanding of optimal health in the latest years. Whilst using conventional medicine, we can also integrate other alternative approaches and incorporate them into your pet’s health plan and treatment.


Since 1st of July 2018 all dogs and cats must be microchipped, by law. Most importantly, this is the best way to bring pets back to their owners when they are lost.

Senior pet care

Senior Patient Management

It aims to provide the most comprehensive care plan for your ageing loved pet. It may include the most appropriate diet, best pain management plan, alternative approaches such as acupuncture, and physiotherapy (performed by affiliates).

This may be one of the most important time for you both, in terms of the animal and human bond.

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Peaceful Home Euthanasia

One of the most challenging decision we face when comes to the care of our pets, yet euthanasia can be a very kind decision for your loved one. We provide the most compassionate and caring end of life care for your pet. We assist you and your family if unsureness of the right time arises. We discuss the best option for your fury family member.

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