Frequently asked questions

Does it cost more to have a home consultation compared to taking my pet to a clinic?

The cost for a vet to come to your house will likely cost slightly more than having you taking him/her to a veterinary practice. However, if you have multiple pets, than it will likely cost less as discounts will apply.

Does a mobile vet offer all services available at a clinic?

No. As an example, surgical procedures that require general anaesthesia can not be carried out in a house visit. In these cases, the attending vet will do the first aid if necessary and advise you to take you pet to a veterinary practice. Though, minor procedures that would only require sedation can be done at a home visit. An example of that is a minor stitch up. 

Other than that, most of the vet care can be carried out in a house visit. 

Does a mobile vet carry all the equipment necessary to undertake a comprehensive consultation?

Yes!!! As far as thorough assessment is concerned, the vet will have all the equipment necessary to assess your pet in the same way it would be done in a consult room. The only limitations faced sometimes are the pet collaboration as well as handling the animal for assessment. 

What if I have a problem with my pet and the mobile vet is not available straight away?

In this case, you will need to take your pet to the closest available veterinary practice, or if afterhours, then to your closest animal emergency centre.

Does the mobile vet offer the same level of service and guarantee of the services provided?

The level of service of a mobile vet will be based on the benefits of the conveniency in having a vet coming to your house. For some, it allows their pet to be cared of, for others it avoids driving around with a stressy pet. The guarantee is always provided base on transparency and good communication between the vet and the client, and that is what we always aim for.

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