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Euthanasia means “a good death.”

We know that saying goodbye to your beloved pet can be one of the most challenging decisions you will ever make. It is an emotional and heartbreaking experience and a big decision to make. However, being able to offer our pets a dignified and peaceful goodbye is one of the greatest gifts we can give them. Often, well-loved pets are euthanised to minimise unnecessary suffering.

Euthanasia at home allows you to spend the last moments of an incredible journey together calmly, peacefully and stress-free for both pet and owner. You can hold, cuddle and comfort your pet in a private, peaceful and nurturing environment as you share your last moments together. Home euthanasia enables your pet to remain in safe, familiar surroundings without transporting them to a clinical and unfamiliar environment in their final moments.

Who the procedure works:

A sedative is given as the first step. This will help your pet to relax and should take about 5-10 minutes to have an effect. The Vet will then place a catheter in one of his/her leg veins to assist with the procedure. Your pet will not feel this after the sedative has taken effect. 

The final injection is a fast-acting medication that stops the heart within seconds. Our aim is for the entire process to be as calm, pain-free and nurturing as possible for your pet and you.


For many, deciding how best to honour your pet after death can have a spiritual consideration. There are three options for aftercare:

  1. Home burial if you have the facilities
  2. Returned individual cremation. The ashes will be returned to you in a chosen urn.
  3. Communal pet cremation. Your pet is cremated with other pets. In this case, the ashes are not returned to you. Memorials can still be chosen from the crematorium.

For more details, visit www.angelashes.com.au or awl.org.au/farewell 

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