Conventional Medicine

Health Checks

Our thorough veterinary examinations include assessing vital signs, evaluating organ function, and conducting diagnostic tests to ensure early detection and effective treatment of any health issues.

Dental Check

Our dental assessments involve a examination of your pet’s teeth, gums, and oral health, allowing us to provide tailored recommendations and advice on dental care and disease prevention.


Following a detailed health check, we administer the appropriate vaccines to protect your pet against prevalent contagious diseases, customised based on their individual needs and risk factors.


Using a safe and painless procedure, we implant a tiny microchip between your pet’s shoulder blades, ensuring permanent identification and improving the chances of a swift reunion if they ever go missing.

Senior Pets Management

Our care plans include tailored diets, pain management strategies, alternative therapies, and physiotherapy to enhance their quality of life and address age-related health concerns.

End Of Life Care

We offer support and guidance during the difficult decision-making process, discussing the best options for your pet’s end-of-life care and providing euthanasia when the time is right.


Euthanasia is one of the most challenging decisions we face regarding our pet’s care. The decision may be accompanied by grief, anxiety and sometimes even guilt. Thinking about saying goodbye to our beloved pets is difficult, but we provide the most compassionate and caring end-of-life care. We assist you and your family if unsureness of the right time arises, discussing the best option for your furry family member.

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Serin Halliday

DrG is kind, caring and professional. He takes the time to help your pet relax as much as possible during any procedures that need to be done, and ensures you understand the options and treatments available. My cats aren’t keen on people they don’t know but they are quite comfortable with DrG. Highly recommended.